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As a publisher, your job is to develop your web content or app.
Outbid lets you focus on your operations while we optimize your revenue—and all it takes is the implementation of our tag.
Outbid’s machine learning system, smart algorithms, and programmatic yield management take care of the rest.
Our publisher clients no longer need to deal with generating more ad placements or increasing traffic.
All of Outbid’s work happens behind the scenes so that you do not need any infrastructure or layout changes.
A secret to our success is our ability to leverage more information about advertising operations.
We level the playing field with a real-time reporting system that gives us the data that is usually available only to advertisers.
With more knowledge of pricing, placements, and other crucial factors, we have the necessary tools and insights to achieve the
best monetization strategy for you.

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About Us

Outbid’s team is composed of high-tech professionals with backgrounds at some of the most influential companies on both sides of the Internet advertising industry. Our executives each have more than a decade’s worth of experience at successful firms dealing with mobile, desktop and video advertising management; mobile and web applications; and ad technology. Behind the Outbid team is a history of successful entrepreneurship and massive customer acquisition. In addition, we have covered all the professional bases, with executive roles in technology development, sales, monetization, branding, advertising, business development, and senior management. Our founders came to understand the needs of publishers after many years of working with the biggest names in the industry - and after becoming successful publishers in their own right, with millions of users. The realization that they could excel at dealing with the challenges of generating more revenue and at optimizing a publisher’s site led to the birth of Outbid. This combined experience and industry knowledge has positioned us to develop a finely-tuned engine that makes us the best choice in both optimization and monetization for web, mobile, and apps. The company’s achievements to date have verified the quality of the technology, concept, and managerial expertise upon which the company is founded.

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Case Study

The Challenge
Veedi ( provides content player for game websites.
The Veedi player shows high-quality game walkthroughs and increases player engagement.
Until considering Outbid, Veedi relied on a manual approach to optimization, but this
method was resource intensive and not producing the results that Veedi was certain it
could achieve. Veedi wanted to increase ad revenues but needed something different from
the usual options: selling more advertising space or attracting more traffic.
Veedi has thousands of clients and delivers a very complex service, so they also required
something easy to implement that would rapidly produce significant results.

Graph 1

The Solution
Veedi chose the Outbid optimization service.
Implementation was unbelievably simple - after integrating the Outbid tag, Veedi was up
and running. For the sake of comparison, a portion of ad requests were channeled through
Outbid’s Smart Engine, which transparently optimized pricing, while the remainder was
handled manually.

graph 2

The Results
Immediately after initiating Outbid, Veedi realized a noticeable improvement.
Outbid revenue on the first day following implementation exceeded manual results by 40%, Within weeks, Outbid was generating
more than 55% additional revenue.
But even better, Outbid’s performance kept on increasing.
At one point, Outbid produced double the revenue of the manual system and boosted CPMby almost 90%. Overall,
Veedi enjoyed a consistent and remarkable increase in adperformance from the moment they implemented Outbid.

We can’t say enough about how professional Outbid is and how impressed we are
with their service. We took no risks and our revenues soared.

Roy Tzayag

Our Team


Itzo Sofrin

Co Founder & Chairman

Oren Sofrin


Asaf Mamon


Maxim Naiman

Partnership Developer

Michael Greenshtein

Senior Developer

Michael Asaraf

Mobile Lead

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Outbid Family

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Open Positions:

Senior Full-Stack Ninja

Outbid is looking for a Senior Full Stack Ninja who is obsessed with being the best!

Senior Full-Stack Ninja

Job Description: The most interesting Ad-tech company is looking for a Senior FULL Stack Ninja who obsessed with being the best!

  • Help build Outbid’s various frontend and backend services.
  • Development of highly scalable company backoffice.
  • Development of html5 and webview video players to production services.
  • Work with various Google Apis and AWS systems.
  • Hands on NodeJS and AngularJS
Mandatory Skills:
  • At least 3 year of front end development in Javascript , html5, CSS
  • Experience working with AngularJS and Ajax based architecture
  • Experience with of Cross Browser and multi device issues
  • Ability of learning new things fast.
  • Experience with PHP
  • Experience in Ad-tech & Big Data
  • Experience in NodeJS

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The best time to start a solid partnership of revenue growth is now.
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