Boost Your Revenue with Real-Time ADX Optimization

Outbid enables you to improve your performance by optimizing AdX rules in real time. We use an AI-based system that works way more efficiently and effectively than any human. Our system continues to analyze and sets best prices in the ever-changing exchange world, every impression, second, hour, and day of the year, to provide you with the best results for revenue maximization.

Outbid started as publishers just like you, and we have more than 14 years of experience dealing with various kinds of ad technologies. We understand exactly what you need to perform better as publisher. Our automated system lets you focus on your operations while we optimize your revenue using smart algorithms.


Outbid makes use of an innovative technology, that works around the clock, to optimize ads and bost revenues for publishers.

Follow Trends

With the ever-fluctuating market, it is impossible for a human to analyze the altering trends every second. Outbid uses smart algorithms to follow the changing trends as closely as possible and optimizes AdX rules in real time.

Visibility & Control

Outbid integrates with your AdX account, allowing you complete transparency over our actions to enhance your revenue earnings, while enabling you to continue receiving payments directly through Google.


Put your trust into an automated system that manages over 2 billion impressions every month, by rapidly discovering, learning and setting floor prices for your Google AdX to maximize your revenues.


Sign up for a free 14-day trail today, and watch your revenue increase!




Outbid supports all type of display ads including desktop and mobile web


Outbid supports in-app ads including display banners and interstitials


Outbid supports VAST & Vpaid video ad tags


We began as publishers, so we understand what needs to be done to help you perform better. Initially, Outbid owned gaming portals and some popular domains. Google has always been the main source of revenue for Outbid; starting from Adsense and then quickly moving on to AdX.

We started by trying to manually analyze and adjust floor prices for Adx. While the actions themselves are seemingly simple, the process was time-consuming and too complicated for a human due to the rapidly changing trends.

But we didn’t let that stop us; rather we focused our energies on creating an AI-based automated system that could optimize AdX rules in real time. After a few years of development, Outbid’s AI was born; and we decided to share this amazing system with the publishers around the world.

Over the last few years, we have enabled various clients to increase their revenues and improve their performance and we can do the same for you.